U.S. crude oil import data

Profit may be like sand in your hands, the tighter you hold, the less you keep in your hands. Don't overhold positions because of greed, so that profit-taking will reduce profits; don't panic out of the market because of the normal adjustment and fluctuation of the market, and miss further profitability. We must strengthen our oil investment trading plan and overcome the influence of personal emoU.S. crude oil import datations.

Specific data show that as of February 5, gasoline inventories increased by 270,000 barrels for the 6th consecutive week, which was a lower than expected increase of 850,000 barrels. The previous value increased by 5.64 million barrels; refined oil inventories recorded an increase during the week. 790,000 barrels, expected to decrease by 870,000 barrels, and the previous value decreased by 70,000 barrels; that week, crude oil inventories in the Cushing area of ​​Oklahoma recorded an increase of 740,000 barrels, ending the previous five consecutive weeks of decline and hitting zero Month day is a new high since 0 weeks, the previous value decreased by 70,000 barrels.

In April, Russia exported 7.2 million tons of crude oil, which is equivalent to 750,000 barrels/day, compared with 490,000 barrels/day in the same period last year; while Saudi Arabia’s crude oil exports to April fell to 260,000 barrels/day, which was lower than the same period last year. 50,000 barrels per day.

According to data from Platts Energy Information, Iran’s monthly output has recovered to 820,000 barrels per day. Since the signing in 205, Iran’s crude oil production has risen by about 0 million barrels. Any US action is expected to be based on Iran’s output. Direct impact.

US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said on the 0th that according to Trump's decision this week, the US Treasury Department will proceed to cut off the source of funds for the Revolutionary Guards, regardless of where the funds come from, and regardless of their ultimate use. He thanked the UAE government for cooperating with the United States on this matter. The U.S. Treasury Department stated on the same day that the U.S. will restart sanctions against Iran that were exempted by the Iran nuclear agreement from August 7.

Therefore, it can be understood that behind Israel’s sudden attack on Iran this time, it is undoubtedly hoped to further tighten the thigh of the United States and accelerate the rupture of the Iran nuclear agreement. And if Israel further maintains this attitude, the future chaos in the Middle East can be imagined. On the oneU.S. crude oil import data hand, Iran has its own nuclear power; on the other hand, the United States and its younger brothers continue to put pressure on Iran. In any case, the rupture of the Iranian nuclear agreement also symbolizes the breakdown of peace in the Middle East, and the situation will further fall into chaos.

my country is currently the world’s largest crude oil importer. In addition to increasing crude oil prices, downstream industries will bear the pressure of huge cost increases. my country will also generate as much as RMB 0 billion due to the increase in oil prices per barrel based on domestic crude oil imports in 207. The risk of premium. Customs statistics show that my country’s crude oil imports amounted to US$7.9 billion in the first four months of this year, a cumulative increase of %.