Singapore crude oil market

resistance is around 34.98, and the brin line rail resistance is around 36Singapore crude oil market.98. The oil price

The novel coronavirus pneumonia will cause more than 10 thousand jobs, accounting for about 1/10 of the total workforce, due to the huge damage caused by the new crown pneumonia epidemic. At the same time, Goldman said it plans to make a second layoff in just three months. This further dampened market sentiment."

In terms of data, according to the CFTC report, in the week ending September 1, CFTC's net

After 4, the oil price will go to the next level 26). Now we can see, is it amazing? Then we predict that the next target position is 28.5!

this basis, it will be reselled to the Northeast Asia region, which is an intermediate link

Wu Qian estimates that compared with last year, China's Singapore crude oil marketcoking coal imports this year are

distance between the daily MACD fast and slow lines, it is very difficult to drive a sharp

interpret China's carbon neutral commitment and initiatives. Financial calendar information

the influence of news, the trend of crude oil will be affected. In the short term, it is a