Crude oil spot price today

Therefore, the future trend of crude oil prices also depends on many factors. Although the further fermentation of the Middle East situation as a whole will become the main driving force for oil prices, the changes in many internal factors will also indirectly affect the directCrude oil spot price todayion of crude oil trends, which requires constant attention.

The dollar may strengthen in stages, but that is relative to a basket of currencies. The dollar will always depreciate in the long run. Of course, the same goes for other currencies. Only physical assets are hard currency. In the past few decades, the inflation rate in the United States has been roughly 4%. From the perspective of inflation, crude oil prices will rise for a long time.

Correspondingly, the number of futures contracts on the New York Stock Exchange has soared. U.S. oil prices are based on the price of WTI crude oil delivered by Cushing, Oklahoma. The trading of crude oil futures and options is very hot.

For the oil industry, analysts and traders, this is a problem of millions of dollars or millions of barrels of crude oil. In Saudi Arabia and other places, oil price control is effective for a period of time, or even a long time. However, even in those countries, the government was forced to relax fuel subsidies during the oil price crisis.

According to the current retail price of No. 92 gasoline, the average retail price is 4-6 yuan/liter, and the average retail price of No. 0 diesel is around -4 yuan/liter. After 24:00 today, the highest retail price of No. 92 gasoline is 8 yuan/liter. No. 0 diesel. The highest retail price is 6 yuan per liter.

But the U.S. trading partners refused to negotiate, especially the subsequent auto import investigations launchedCrude oil spot price today by the Trump administration, which led the European Union and some other countries to come to a conclusion that concessions would incur more demands. Therefore, these countries subsequently adopted corresponding retaliatory measures against the United States.

Iraqi Oil Minister Al-Luaibi said that an agreement is expected to be reached at the OPEC+ meeting on June 22. Iraq has not yet considered increasing oil production. According to Bloomberg reports, the OPEC and non-OPEC production cuts supervision committee believes that OPEC+'s implementation rate of oil production cuts in May fell to 47% compared with April.

The official said: Based on the decision of the United States to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement, Saudi Arabia promised to focus on stabilizing the global crude oil market, safeguarding the interests of crude oil producers and consumers, and the sustainability of global economic growth.

Secondly: Some investors are not deceived in the true sense, but are losses caused by improper operations in the spot crude oil investment market. The result is still attributable to the spot crude oil scam. So how can spot crude oil avoid losses? Profit? Let's look down.

Some people say that the financial market is a portrayal of an investor's life, and some say that the financial market is a documentary depicting the mentality of investors... Indeed, in simple terms, the overall quality of investors can be reflected in the attitude and weight of positions.

In addition, according to Reuters, White House spokesperson Sanders stated at a rCrude oil spot price todayegular press conference on May 7 local time that Chief Economic Advisor and Vice Premier Liu He will travel to the United States this week to continue consultations with the US President’s economic team. The United States will keep informed of the progress of the consultations. Sanders did not disclose further details about the arrangements for the talks.