Return to the spot price of crude oil

And befoReturn to the spot price of crude oilre this week, it was expected that the group would postpone the launch of more oil

within the day, while in the medium and long term, the crude oil will fall below yesterday's

in addition to these two data, we should pay more attention to Cushing's crude oil inventory

In the Asian session, international oil prices fell slightly, with us oil now trading at US

trade agreement between the EU and the UK on Sunday is low, and disorderly brexit may bring

In the past week, the focuReturn to the spot price of crude oils of the market was mainly focused on the OPEC meeting. Whether to

6.10 technical analysis of crude oil day market and EIA forecast analysis of evening crude

rose last night (24:00 on November 19) with an increase of 0.12 yuan / l-0.14 yuan / L (150