Why did crude oil prices fall today

Don’t be too happy. Although the situation in the Middle East will indeed trigger an explosion in the crude oil market, all walks of life are now persuading Trump not to tear up the Iran nuclear agreement, and Trump has also said that he will give a final answer in May. Judging from the current situation, it is impossible for Trump not to know the consequences of tearing Why did crude oil prices fall todayup the Iran nuclear agreement. Is Trump prepared to face these consequences? If US oil, how will Trump deal with the Iran nuclear What about the problem? This is actually a problem worthy of our consideration.

In the process of investing in spot crude oil, set a range of losses that you can bear, and set a stop loss within the set time, which can effectively avoid the risk of serious losses caused by sudden market accidents, and always keep the risk within the minimum range . Investors can set more precise stop loss and profit points by analyzing recent market trends.

Then according to the current crude oil trend, crude oil prices stabilized at $65 after the opening day and maintained a slight upward trend. If EIA inventories really record a decline in the evening, then crude oil prices are expected to break through $66 again, although it is above $67 in the chart. It is another pressure level, but at least it can help the crude oil market to stay away from the broken $65 edge as much as possible before the OPEC meeting ends.

Patterson said that oil prices have maintained an upward trend, which largely reflects Iran’s risk premium. When will we see Iran’s supply affected? Patterson also pointed out that OPEC’s supply has increased, but we have not seen Iran’s supply. obviously decrease.

Secondly, we need to judge the market's reaction based on the actual published value. We must compare the difference between the actual published value and the predicted value to further judge the price trend. Simply put, when the actual published value is greater than the predicted value, it is negative for gold and crude oil. When the actual published value is less than the predicted value, gold crude oil is bullish.

Mexico has imported an average of 590,000 barrels of gasoline and 220,000 barrels of diesel every day this year, almost all of which come from the United States. Compared with 20 years, Mexico’s gasoline imports have increased by one-third, and diesel imports have doubled. At the same time as the decline in fuel oil production for refining and chemical processing, Mexico's crude oil production fell. In the first five months of this year, Mexico’s daily crude oil production was 900,000 bWhy did crude oil prices fall todayarrels, down from 2.5 million barrels in 20 years.