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Crude oil yesterday due to the stimulation of news, crude oil rebounded all the way up 46.65 blocked, fell down to 45.8 near close to close 46.9, crude oil radical 45.8 see more 46.3 and 46.7 break 47.9, moderate 45.1 see 46 and 46.7 break 47.9, or 46.5 empty look 46 and 45.5 can, stable 47.9 empty look 47.3 and 46.6 can be, the specific single suggestion is based on the reaLearn crude oil tradingl-time point;

breaking its high since early March. The overall prospect of vaccines is good, which arouses

1970-1990 region; The train of thought has been very clear. At the beginning of next week,

From the technical aspect of crude oil, from the daily line, Liangchen of gold market has a

After calculation, this is the sixth cheating market in two months, which is the so-called

present, the oil price isLearn crude oil trading expected to be increased by 125 yuan / ton (0.10 yuan / L - 0.11

good job of risk control in the transaction. The above contents are for reference only, not